Growing Remarkable Leaders and Companies

Simply put, we help companies grow. hgAdvisers works with mid-market business leaders and their leadership teams who have a strong desire to grow their companies and scale up with success. We help Businesses Accelerate Growth.

We deliver IMPACT by bringing an internationally Proven Framework complete with practical disciplines and the most Effective Tools and Best Practices that have already helped thousands of mid-sized businesses scale faster, more profitably and with less effort!

Are you?

  • Are you a business leader who is frustrated by your business growth rate?
  • Are you working too hard for not enough return?
  • Are you spending time fighting fires rather than working on the growth of your business?
  • Are you frustrated with your team and find it hard to attract and keep the right people?
  • Are you passionate about growing your business and know their is a better way to scale?

If this sounds like you then we can help.

Growth Outcomes

When you diligently apply our proven Scaling Up Framework and Tools you will:

  • achieve your goals 3 X faster
  • 3 x increase in profitability against industry benchmarks
  • experience at least 2 x increase in cash flow
  • increased valuation relative to competitors

Meaningful Impact

When you work with hgAdvisers you will:

  • Spend more time working ON your business, rather than IN your business
  • Create alignment across teams to increase productivity, drive execution and get results
  • Refocus your senior team on market-facing activities
  • Ignite passion in your employees and keep high performing employees
  • Experience work/self/life balance for you and all executives

Our Clients

We help entrepreneurial CEO’s who are passionate about growth and are looking to successfully scale their businesses.   We work with companies that are $2m – $100m in revenue and who want to scale at an annual rate of 20%.

Services We Offer

If you are a business leader looking to grow your business, we can help you scale your business with success. We offer business leaders and leadership teams three different programs designed to help you with your growth strategy. Using expert advice, powerful tools and an internationally proven framework, each program is designed to help you sustainably scale your business.


A one-year consulting engagement where we take the CEO & their leadership team through a rigorous review process, engaging your management team, staff and customers to develop a new approach to your business growth strategy. We help you to structure a customised work plan, conduct research, and engage with you during performance reviews, as you define your strategy.

Outcome: a clear, compelling, and fact-based three-five year sustainable growth strategy for your business. Companies that implement this program typically enjoy double the cash flow, triple industry average profitability and increase in value relative to the competition.

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Our 2 Day Facilitated Annual or Quarterly Planning Session provide leadership teams the opportunity to focus on strategic thinking, execution planning, people management and cash flow. Here you will create your One Page Strategic Plan including your quarterly goals, and learn the scaling up habits used by teams at Atlassian, Red Balloon, Dell and Southwest Airlines.

Outcome: dedicated time to work on structure, strategy and the growth of their business. You will come away with a clearly defined annual strategy, knowledge to strengthen your company culture and actions you can apply immediately when you return to the office.

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Our CEO | Executive leadership development coaching service provides business leaders with the tools, advice and support to get ahead. Our one-on-one monthly coaching sessions are designed to maximise your full potential. Our executive leadership coaching is sought after by leaders who are looking for a clear path forward for professional and personal excellence.

Outcome: professional excellence. To compete as a world-class athlete, you need the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight of a coach. This is just as true for CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and business professionals.

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Scale Up with Confidence

Taking mid-sized Australian companies to the next level.

“Jonathan has delivered tremendous value in a short period of time to my business. He has years of practical experience in the tools and frameworks that he coaches. This combined with his enthusiasm and commitment make him a valued long-term strategic partner.”

Lachy GrayCo-founder & Head of Product at Yarno

““In my career I have dealt with and/or done business with a considerable number of persons ... Many were ordinary, some were good, but only a few were truly excellent; Jonathan Herps is one of these few truly excellent people. He is a very enthusiastic, extremely articulate, numerate and truly dedicated professional. He is an excellent team player and a first rate business man of the highest standing.””

Chris Simsex CEO of Aldar Properties and Naseej BSC

“In every case, Jonathan met his Highness’ expectation of exemplary ethical behaviour and world class business standards.”

Eyhab JumeanChief Executive Officer, Abu Dhabi Capital and SBK Holdings

“Jonathan is both grounded and visionary with an energy that provides those around him with inspiration and confidence. He has a naturally innovative "DNA" which is highly complimentary to his strategic development capabilities. One can be assured of timely and well rounded delivery from him together with superb relationship management skills.”

Nicola PeroCEO

“Jonathan is forward thinking, intrepid and has a willingness to take calculated risks. He has a bias toward thoughtful action. He is strategic yet tactical – he has a vision and is able to execute. He is decisive yet inclusive. In all situations, Jonathan has exceeded my expectations.”

Hon. Michael YabsleyChairman, Australia Gulf Council

“Jonathan is an extremely talented and highly skilled individual who I recommend without any hesitation. His specialities include Company transformation, strategy acceleration, performance enhancement, performance turnaround, leadership capital development, financial capital management, governance and risk management, mergers and acquisitions (buy-side, sell-side and integration). His business and financial acumen are of a high quality and are extremely well regarded by his peers and colleagues and clients.”

Nick KalikajarosChief Manager, Executive Banking, Commonwealth Bank

“Jonathan is a regular speaker and panel participant in our conferences in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Asia. His inputs to these sessions are always highly intellectual, visionary and thought-provoking - which is no surprise that he is widely and highly respected within the industry.”

Saudin Dungog-NoddingsInvestor Relations & Conferences Manager - Cityscape, IIR Middle East