Scaling Up Business Growth Program

Have you every wondered how a few companies make it big, and why the rest don’t?  If you’ve always wanted a simple set of tools and practices that worked to reliably scale up ANY business, you’ve found it!

Our Scaling Up annual business growth program is our most popular program for leaders serious about business growth. A typical program is for a minimum of one year and involves a multi-day workshop and monthly or quarterly customised business growth coaching sessions facilitated with CEOs and senior leadership teams.

The business growth program takes you through a rigorous review process, engaging your management team, staff and customers to develop a new approach to your business growth strategy. We help you to structure a customised work plan, conduct research, and engage with you during performance reviews, as you define your strategy.

Outcome: a clear, compelling, and fact-based three-five year sustainable growth strategy for your business. Companies that successfully implement this program typically enjoy double the cash flow, triple the industry average profitability, increase in value relative to the competition and happy and productive teams!

Overcoming Barriers To Growth

Every company hits very predictable walls as it tries to grow profitably. These barriers can’t be avoided, and each presents a new challenge to business executives looking to sustainably grow. The key is to be on the front foot. To have the right people, the right structure and the right strategy in place so that you can take pre-emptive action and get back to profitable business growth as soon as possible.

Armed with a formidable track record of success, innovative process, and a relentless drive, we work side-by-side with you and your team to unlock new sources of competitive advantage. We will equip you with the tools to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment. We will create a customised solution based on your specific needs.

We provide a structured process which is used by tens of thousands of the fastest growing companies worldwide to unlock the “Four Decisions” of People, Strategy Execution and Cash you must get right in order to grow. These four decisions will help you overcome your barriers to growth.


  • Do you have a solid top-line revenue growth strategy in place?
  • Gazelles has a unique one-page strategic planning process that will help you get everyone on the same page.


  • Is your team executing consistently, with discipline and accountability?
  • Gazelles uses an execution checklist that will reduce, by up to 90%, the time it takes you to manage the business, freeing up leadership to spend more time on market-facing activities.


  • If you had to start the company all over again tomorrow, would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team?
  • Gazelles people tools will help you and your team get the right people doing the right things with clear accountabilities and metrics.


  • Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel growth?
  • Gazelles cash tools will allow you to accelerate cash to fuel your growth without relying on outside financing.

Engagement Details

  • We start with assessments and interviews to understand your current issues and strategic position.
  • Your first leadership team session is normally 2 days and creates a foundation for our work over the next year, and beyond.
  • You’ll get the right people, in the right seats, and get them doing the right things.
  • Quarterly planning meetings (1-2 day/quarter) allow your team to update and improve the strategy and plans.
  • Improve your cash position to fund new growth.
  • Review company performance and align on new plans for the quarter.
  • Create a powerful one page plan, and set the right habits for successful execution.
  • Implementation led by a certified Scaling Up Coach.
  • Monthly coaching and accountability sessions for the CEO/Founder (Support for other key leaders as needed).
  • Access to your coach as needed in between sessions for any questions or concerns.
  • The Annual Strategy session (2-3 days).
  • Use of our planning and accountability software is required by the senior team and recommended for all managers. Small additional cost applies.
  • We can only work with handful of selected companies at this level.
  • For less than the cost of a mid-level manager, typical clients will double cash flow, achieve 3x industry profitability, increase valuation relative to the competitors, have more time for the right things, and enjoy the climb to success!
  • Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.
Drive Your Business Growth