How does CEO Mentoring & Coaching Work?

CEO coaching and Entrepreneur coaching typically works in a specific, structured format. First, you will work to define your vision, identify barriers and set challenging, but achievable, goals. Your coach will ensure that you are not settling for limited goals as you assess your position by helping you calibrate your long and short-term goals against your core values.

Assessing your current position helps you measure your progress and identify obstacles. After this, you and your coach will review your resources and all courses of action available to create a plan of action. You will prepare for obstacles and how to cope with them. You will ensure that each step supports your end goals, while your coach will help you stay motivated and track your progress. If your plan needs modification at any point, your coach will help you with this, which will empower you to stay committed and on track toward your goals.

CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching: What Can You Expect?

To compete as a world-class athlete, you need the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight of a coach. This is just as true for CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and business professionals.

The very best coaches have a well-developed sense of the challenges you are facing, which allows them to design training for you that “overshoots” your goals. In the same way, your executive business coach needs to be sure you are fit for every challenge you face, so your coaching regimen must exceed your needs. A great business coach focuses on executive leadership development. We ask the right questions so that we understand exactly where you are in your professional and personal journey. This is how we work to help you to be prepared emotionally, mentally, tactically and technically for each and every challenge on your list.

Our CEO & Entrepreneur leadership development service provides you with the tools, advice and support to get ahead. If you are finding it hard to prioritise your workload, unsure of where or how to make your next career move or feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work you need to get through, then you would benefit from an executive coach. Our coaching services are sought after by business leaders who are looking for a clear path for professional and personal excellence. With access to the Gazelles Scaling Up proven business strategies, our service stands apart.

Our leadership development and coaching services will help you create a culture of excellence that will become the basis for every aspect of your life. When this dedication to your personal best is the basis for everything you do, you will find that you achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

Engagement Details

  • We start with assessments and interviews to understand your current issues and strategic position. 
  • Your first CEO coaching session is normally 4 hours and creates a foundation for our work over the next year, and beyond. 
  • Then we will schedule monthly coaching and accountability sessions – 2 hours per month to coach and teach you the Scaling Up and Gazelles Framework and tools.
  • You’ll get the right people, in the right seats, and get them doing the right things. 
  • Improve your cash position to fund new growth. 
  • Review company performance and align on new plans for the quarter. 
  • Create a powerful one page plan, and set the right habits for successful execution. 
  • Implementation led by a certified Scaling Up Coach. 
  • Access to your coach as needed in between sessions for any questions or concerns. 
  • We can only work with handful of selected companies at this level. 
  • Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

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